Wolf Costume

Funny, Scary

Want a full beast that is frightening? Dress up in Wolf Costume and start howling now. Actually, there are wolf costumes that are amazingly funny and lovely that many children adore. Well, it not the usual outfits but one of the striking mascot that event adults love too. If you want to be an unknown figure and yet prominent, putting on this outfit would be the best choice. Joy ride starts now.

Wolf Costumes

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You have several options for a wolf costume.  The first is that of a werewolf—a human being who is doomed to live forever and always turn into a wolf at night.  For this kinds of costume, all you need is a mask, or even a fuzzy hat to wear on your head and some wolf-like makeup and fangs, an oversized plaid shirt with some tufts of fur peeking out, some jeans, and hairy feet.

Maybe you’d rather have some humor in your wolf costume.  In that case, you could wear the full wolf costume, but throw a floral nightgown over it, and complete the effect with a pair of fuzzy slippers and a pink nightcap.  Voila!  You’ve turned yourself into the Big Bad Wolf dressed as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother.

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Maybe someone will want to attend a costume party with you dressed as Red Riding Hood herself; you can have fun chasing this person around all night.

A wolf costume doesn’t have to be sol elaborate, either, in case you don’t want to cover your face all night.  You could simply get a wolf’s nose on a string, complete with fangs below it, and wear that along with a little makeup and perhaps a fuzzy hat.  You’ll still be in a wolf costume, but you’ll be freer to mingle at your social event, and you’ll have better vision as well.

Whatever kind of wolf costume you decide to wear, just make sure you have the lupine behavior down.  Come and see more Wolf Costume,  Werewolf Costumes and Wolf Costume For Kids now.

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Time to transform yourself into the creature of the night with Big Bad Wolf Costumes and have fun. Start to dance with the sharp reflexes of a Wolf. Costumes On Sale will show you more that ever you could dream of in this outfit. Your little boys will love the cute and funny Wolf Mascot that shows a happy and funny face. Yes, come on down and give it a try now. Cheers…

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