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In 1955, Tinkerbell from Disney Studio appear in the animated movie that many loves. Now, Tinkerbell Costumes are as popular as ever as it has a cute personality and a distinct style. Tinkerbell is a little mischievous fairy that often give a faint jingling of bells with her very presence. Yes, with her tiny full-fledged miniature human, she appear as a spot of light whenever you notice her coming.

Tinker Bell Costumes

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Tinker Bell was first introduced in Sir James M. Barrie’s play Peter Pan.  She was a fairy who lived in Never Land, a beautiful tropical island located in a magical realm, and she acted as a kind of sidekick to the title character.  (Peter Pan, of course, was the flying boy who never grew up, who lived with his band of Lost Boys underground and who fought the island’s cruel villains, Captain Hook and his pirates.)  Today, a Tinkerbell costume is a fun choice for Halloween and other events.

A Tinkerbell costume is now a very popular costume choice for both children and adults.  Also, nowadays many school play directors choose to have a girl play this fairy as a silent character in their versions of Peter Pan, rather than using a beam of light to represent the character.

She’s very flirtatious, she crosses her arms and pouts in an exaggerated manner whenever she doesn’t get her way, and she also likes to flaunt her…feminine charms.  In fact, if you’ve never seen this movie before, you might be surprised at how naughty this character really is.

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One Tinkerbell C0stume can vary in appearance from another Tinkerbell costume somewhat, but most costumes usually include certain standard items.  First, a woman usually wears a shimmering, sparkling, light green tank top and skirt, or a dress, or a leotard with a skirt.  The skirt is often quite short and tight, and it’s often designed to look like it’s made out of petals.  (Presumably, fairies manufacture their own clothes in Never Land.)  If you’re wearing a Tinkerbell costume, you can go barefoot, or you can wear clear slippers.

Next, a Tinkerbell costume requires accessories.  The most important of these are her wings, of course.  These wings are often large—they can extend from your lower back up to the top of your head—and pointy.  You’ll also need your magic wand.  Sometimes a Tinkerbell costume comes complete with everything you’ll need; these are often costumes that are Disney licensees.  Other costumes include only the wings, the wand and the skirt, and so you’ll have to get everything else you’ll need separately.

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Remember the sexy and gorgeous Marilyn Monroe? Some have claimed that Tinkerbell was modeled after. So get the cool attitude of Tinkerbell and start your fairy party. Your lovely little angels will sure look so stunning in this fun and lively fairy wing dress. Yes, Tinkerbell Costumes For Toddlers and Tinkerbell Costume For Kids would made a wonderful pair with Tinkerbell Costume at Costumes On Sale.

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