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Robin Hood Costumes was made popular by the movie Robin Hood. Let the medieval leader of a band of thieves Robin Hood make your day special! In the story, Robin Hood and his gangs secretly hide in England’s Sherwood Forest from detection. However,  Sheriff of Nottingham and his evil corruption mind always steal from the poor. In this instant, Robin Hood would stand up for the poor. He will lead his gang to take back the money from the corrupt official and give back to the good citizens!

Robin Hood Costumes

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The Merry Men were famous, after all, from stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.  They were brave, selfless, adventuresome and loyal to one another.  And they were pretty good at archery, too.

A Robin Hood Costume will give you a feeling of adventure and freedom. Robin Hood is the original outlaw hero, the bad boy that people love.  Without this character, there might be no Batman or Dirty Harry. Wear one of those outfits and you might even feel like spending a night or two in the woods. Yes, bring you family along with Female Robin Hood Costume and Kids Robin Hood Costume.

A Robin Hood costume might not be one of the most common sights at Halloween events, but they are enduring.  If you buy a Robin Hood costume, you’ll be able to wear it thirty years from now, whereas a trendier costume often goes out of style in a few years or less.  (It’s also nice to choose a Robin Hood costume precisely because you’ll probably be the only Robin at a party you attend.)  And every so often a new movie featuring Robin Hood comes out in theaters, and the character’s popularity is renewed all over again.

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A Robin Hood Costume needs certain elements to be recognizable.  First, you’ll have to get a brown or dark green suit: pants, vest, and a pointy and triangular hat.  (A feather in this hat can be a nice touch.)  If you’re a little braver, you might choose to wear a tunic and tights with your Robin Hood costume instead of the shirt and pants.  Either way, you’ll need a long-sleeved white shirt under the vest, and a belt with a large buckle.  Long boots, a capelette and some lace will complete the design.

A Robin Hood Costume will endure because many people love the thought of breaking the shackles of conformity, of abandoning corrupt politicians and societal expectations and going off to live life however they want with their friends.  Robin Hood is what many of us aspire to be: selfless and dashing and totally unafraid.

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