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In 1960’s, Burt Ward made his appearance of Robin in Batman television where Robin Costumes were introduced. In 1990’s, he also appeared  in the original Batman movie. Robin made a great partner with Batman that makes everybody love to be in this Superhero Costume. Yes, ask your kids and chances are they will opt for Robin Costume For Kids. BTW, this made a great family outfits for your special themed parties too. From the youngest to oldest and from male to female, you will get a piece of the actions.

Robin costume

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Put on Robin Costume now… Batman saved Gotham City many times over, from criminal plots and other potential disasters, but on many of those crusades he had help from his sidekick and partner, the Boy Wonder.  Many a time Batman was caught in some trap and would have faced certain doom had his trusty sidekick Robin not shown up to bail him out.  So if you have a friend who’s going to a Halloween event or costume party dressed as Batman—or even if you don’t—then you might consider dressing up in a Robin costume to help your buddy out should there be any trouble.

The typical Robin costume is bright red and green.  There’s a red jumpsuit that covers the chest (the same color as a robin’s breast) as well as forest green tights and sleeves that cover the legs and arms.  The rest of the costume is black: a long black cape, black boots that come up to the knees, and a black mask that covers the eyes.  The overall look of this costume is unmistakable: even from far away, people will know that you’re Robin when you appear in sight.

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For the most accurate Robin costume you can buy, you’ll probably want to get a costume that’s officially licensed by DC Comics.  There are also plenty of accessories you can get with a Robin costume, such as the Batarang, which is a boomerang-style weapon in the shape of a bat.  You might also want some sort of walkie-talkie type of device so you can communicate with Batman should any trouble arise. Don’t forget the ladies…Robin Costume For Women too.

An important element of wearing a Robin costume is that you get the body language and attitude just right.  Robin was always poised for action, and he was visibly proud of his role as a hero.  He’s loyal, and he wants to be as helpful to Batman as possible.  Therefore, he often stood up tall, feet wide apart, his hands on his hips and his chest thrust out.  Robin also had his catch phrases: for example, “to the Batmobile!” and “Holy (fill in the blank with something you see before you), Batman!”

Robin Costume is a wonderful partner with  Robin Costume For Women and Robin Costume For Kids. This make a family of superhero at Costumes On Sale.

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Time to dress up as the Dynamic Duo with Robin Costume this coming party. Call Batman to come along in his Batmobile too. Oh, you might be surprise to see many fans queening up taking photos and even posing with you. Remember to call all your friends and gather for the special events. Your hands might be tired up signing hundreds of autograph too. Take care and have greatest pleasure of all.

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