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Flapper Costumes were a big hit dated back somewhere in the 1910’s. That was the beginning of time where women have the liberty to vote and speak up. Remember World War I just happened to come and go during that period too. Coming to the 1920’s, for the very first time, pants was seen wearing by women too. These occasions has make way to a whole new society forever.

Flapper Costume

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Remember Flapper Costume? The flapper was a true American original: a bold party animal who really did a lot to change to society.  The 1920’s were a decade of profound social change, and flapper costumes are a great way to relive this amazing time in American history.

Flappers celebrated this new freedom for women by really living it up.  They wore skirts that were shorter than anyone had seen before, they drank alcohol—at a time when doing so was against the law, no less—they smoked, and they even drove cars! Well, that’s Girls Flapper Costume.

Flappers were a major part of a time that often seemed like one big party.  In the 1920’s, speakeasies sprung up across the land, jazz became popular—as did wild new dances such as the jitterbug—and many people started letting go of their inhibitions.  The devastation of World War I made many people realize that life is short and often cruel, so many resolved to enjoy life while they could.

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In addition, the economy was booming, and many newly rich individuals suddenly had the disposable income to party hard and often.  What all this means is that when people wear flapper costumes, they should be prepared to really let loose.

Typical Flapper Dresses involve short, low-cut black dresses or skirts—often dresses trimmed with a lot of sequins.  Other flapper costumes will consist of a long, flowing, brightly-colored dress.  Either way, a flapper’s arms are usually bare.  And a flowered and sequined hat is a perfect accessory to flapper costumes.  (Some flapper costumes feature a headband with a flower in lieu of a hat.)  Also, get long strings of pearls that will swing around as you dance the night away.

Of course, the era of the flapper was sadly not to last long.  The stock market crash of October 1929 brought the American economy to its knees, and many flappers had to go out and become laborers to support their families, and they would go on to work in industrial and military factories while men went off to fight World War II.  But with Flapper Costumes, the spirit of the Charleston will live on forever. Girls Flapper Costume and Flapper Dresses will give the extra power in your party especially at Costumes On Sale..

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Flapper Costume has indeed last for a very long time and getting more popular as each day goes by. To get the full look and feel, you can add some fine touch to it. Just get a long and soft feathery garland and put on your shoulders and a bobbed wig to have the sexy look. How about calling all your friends to be in Flapper Costumes to party and swing till the night away? The 1920’s is alive and kicking well till this very day…

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