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From the wild wild west, we present Cowgirl Costumes. This outfits looks great and is easy to put on. It is fun to be in this outfit for any occasions when you require. Halloween comes, this outfits is simply irresistible. So, all who love Clint Eastwood or any cowboy shows, let’s draw nearer to know more about this ever lasting and popular costumes now.

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The first thing you’ll need for a cowgirl costume is the hat.  These hats can be white, brown or black, so long as you never take it off your head—a cowgirl doesn’t want to be seen without her hat, after all!  Almost as important as the hat are the boots.  No self-respecting woman of the open range would leave home without her boots; boots that include high heels are popular choices.

Next, you’ll have to decide if you want to wear a holster.  If so, be sure to include a toy pistol or two—cowgirls have to be ready to battle outlaws.  Plus, it can be fun to pose for pictures with your gun in the air, as though you’re getting ready for a shootout.  If not, you could always choose a large belt with an oversized buckle.  Vests are also important to a cowgirl costume.  Finally, you’ll want some rope hanging from your belt.  After all, a cowgirl has to be prepared to rope a steer or lasso a bronco—or hog-tie a rival cowgirl at a Halloween party!

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You might choose to wear a skirt with your cowgirl costume, or you could go with jeans.  If you choose to wear jeans, then you’ll probably want to include some chaps.  Sometimes you can buy chaps that will match your vest.  If you prefer a skirt, you might want to get a cowgirl costume that comes complete with matching shirt and skirt—some of these getups include rhinestones as well, which is an attractive look although probably not historically accurate.

There are plenty of other options for a cowgirl costume as well: bolo ties, scarves, sheriff’s badges in the shape of a star and bandanas to wear around your neck (or to cover your face with if you’re planning to rob a stagecoach on the way home).  Be creative, watch old Westerns and create your own accessories if you’re in the mood.  Get that cowgirl costume to be as elaborate as possible.

Cowgirl Costumes might even inspire you to hold your own Western theme party.  You could serve barbecue ribs, and chili and beans (extra spicy, of course).  You could play country music and build a campfire under the stars.  Guests could come dressed as sheriffs, outlaws, schoolmarms, or even Doc Holliday himself.  Cowgirls and cowboys could compete at lassoing contests, and maybe you could even rent a mechanical bull.

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